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10:28pm 10/03/2006
mood: packing
Well, I thought the carnival went quite well, don't you? There were several things I was nervous about, but they didn't turn out as badly as expected. Everyone from the kissing booth is still alive at least, even if the Merfolk Concert didn't turn out to be such a great idea. We made a grand total of 98 galleons, 15 sickles and 26 knuts which is fantastic! A big thanks to everyone who participated (and ate, as that seems to have been our biggest seller!)

And now...I can't believe we leave tomorrow already. I guess because I was just there last month, it doesn't seem like it should be time to go home already. So now it's to the last minute packing. I think Annemarie accidentally packed my trainers. I'd probably better catch her before she closes her trunk because I sort of need my shoes.

So I'm off. I just haven't had time to look at my journal recently and wanted to get out my thanks for the Carnival

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07:56pm 06/03/2006
mood: busy
This is just a reminder to everyone that the Carnival is in fact tomorrow as officially planned, and it's for a good cause, so please attend!

And remember that it's not just for students - outsiders can come as well! It's a galleon just to get in and do everything, or four sickles if you want to just buy tickets for individual events, and the proceeds go to the War victims, so we hope to have a lot of people here.

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09:02pm 28/02/2006
mood: busy
It was nice to have a day off today for the first time since OWLs started. Four more exams to go, but I think I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After all, I'd like to do well on Divination and History of Magic, but as there's no way I'm going to continue with either of those classes, it's not that important, I don't think. If I don't do well on my Muggle Studies exam, then there is seriously something wrong with me. That leaves Astronomy, and as I spent a good part of the afternoon just reviewing for that, I should hopefully be fine.

At least I don't take Arithmancy which means I'll be free as a bird on Friday to finish up on carnival stuff. Next Wednesday was the date we finalised, right? My brain's just been full of five years with of classes these past few days, I can hardly keep things straight.

Well, I suppose I'd better try some last minute study in Divination, though I think that's a hopeless cause by now.

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03:21pm 20/02/2006
mood: ack! exams! (but happy)
I would just like to thank everyone that fought in the battle in Wales and saved all of our lives. I wish I could have helped, and I'm sorry I couldn't, but let it be known I'm eternally grateful.

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Backdated to the night of the storm/the 11th after Harry does his thing   
10:22pm 16/02/2006
mood: disbelieving
Please tell me I'm not seeing things!

Someone else tell me that the clouds disappeared where they were! I could swear they just disappeared over Nottingham, and that I can see the stars...

Unless I'm dead. But I don't remember the lightning striking, and I can still see and talk to my family and...

Have we really been saved?

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11:59pm 10/02/2006
mood: terrified
The clouds are back! How long was it last time, a couple hours? I...I...

I'm not going to sleep tonight, assuming I last...

I'm so scared.

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Warded from Death Eaters   
02:01pm 09/02/2006
mood: depressed
It's odd being home. My family went to my favourite restaurant last night, because...well, now that they understand what's going on...anyway, and we saw one of the girls I went to primary school with. She asked what I was home for - didn't I go to boarding school, so why was I home already? And I just...didn't know what to say in response. I couldn't say the school had closed down in case she went searching the news for any schools that have done that and didn't find anything, and I certainly couldn't tell her the truth, because even now I respect the statute of secrecy. I ended up finally saying that I was home for medical reasons. At least that will give Mum, Dad and Sam something to work off of...after, when people ask questions...

Oh, I don't even know. I wish there was more I could do. I just...have to stop thinking of all the things I'll never get to do and try to be with my loved ones as much as possible these next few days. And I do want to say...to all of my friends out there on the journal network: I love you all and appreciate the friendship we've had. Thank you so much.

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07:31pm 06/02/2006
mood: horrified

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09:53pm 31/01/2006
mood: tired
I've spent the last little while hard at work on the fundraiser. I think it helps keep my mind off the other things that are going on in the world. Which, in that vein, charity design team members - what would you all think if we donated the proceeds to the War Victims? I know it won't make up for what they lost, but it's something, and our way of aiding how we can from the school, I guess.

As far as activities go, this is what we've come up with so far:
1) All-Star Quidditch Match
2) Forbidden Forest Tours (Professor Hagrid said he'd be happy to chaperon)
3) Kissing Booth (we would need volunteers for this though given some of the people in the school, they shouldn't be hard to find)
4) Merfolk concert?
5) Food, of course (we'll have to see if the house-elves wouldn't mind making it)
6) Boat ride on the lake

And maybe something Muggle, like one of those big blow up things people can bounce on?

Does anyone have any other ideas to add to that? I mean, you all have come up with some fantastic things, but just in case some of those activities don't work out, it's always good to have a few extras.

God, I'm tired. In between this and studying for OWLs, there's hardly time to breathe anymore. Still, I suppose it's better to keep busy in times like these.

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Backdaaaaaated to the boom of the storm (Backdating's so fun)   
01:05am 22/01/2006
mood: totally freaked out
Did anyone else see the lightning strike over Hogsmeade? So close! I hope there's not a fire or anything there, though green lightning isn't really very normal, is it? I mean, it was...

Really strange. Shouldn't there have been thunder by now, what with it being so close and all? And...clouds don't normally disappear this fast after a storm, do they? They're like...rapidly being sucked away I I I

What's going on?! I don't like this! I don't I don't I don't this bad very bad what's happening out there what HAPPENED?!

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Warded from Death Eaters and Dark Side supporters   
06:50pm 13/01/2006
mood: worried
Holy crap.

There really was a safe-hold of some type in Ballymena.

You don't suppose You-Know-Who reads the Herald, do you? But no, I mean, Nora made it up! Didn't she?

Times like this sometimes I think it would have been easier if I'd never found out about Hogwarts in the first place. Not that I guess I could truly escape it, but it wouldn't seem quite so...scary. I Owled Mum about it and she seemed surprised I asked. Seems like the story with the Muggles is that it's just another one of those terrorist attacks Northern Ireland is known for. Even with me, she didn't make the connection of this whole wide...War.

They do say ignorance is bliss. I wonder if it's really any better, though.

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Warded from those mentioned in the article   
11:28pm 04/01/2006
mood: annoyed
Well. I'm just waiting for the explosion. Honestly, if the Sorting Hat was supposedly never wrong, I'd really have to wonder about her sometimes. Does she even think? Secret stimulant stash in Ballymena? Ravenclaw and Slytherin group love affairs? Tasmania? How does she even think up this stuff?

Alice says she saw Nora over at the Daily Prophet booth during the Career Fest. God help us all if they ever offered her a job. It's hard enough to find out the truth of what's going on in the wizarding world as it is already!

Does anyone in sixth or seven year remember if the crystal ball is actually on the Divination OWL or not? Though I don't even know why I'm bothering revising - it's not like I'm actually going to take the course next year.

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06:21pm 20/12/2005
mood: happy
Happy Birthday, Brittany!

How does it feel to finally be of age? I have...less than six months to go!

I'm really in a much better mood than I've been lately - winning our Quidditch match totally helped. I'm so pleased that Viola and Jen got to win their very first game played on the team, and Jen really is quite a Seeker - not up to Cho's level yet, of course, but she'll get there, I think. In this case, it's probably lucky that Eloise wasn't Seeking for Hufflepuff, so the Seekers were on more even ground.

And the Charity design project is finally starting to come together, which is fabulous. A carnival - it really sounds like it'll be a good time!

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09:46pm 15/12/2005
mood: busy
Private to the charity design teamCollapse )

Private to the DACollapse )

Considering this is the first time this year we're actually going to be playing (barring any other unforeseen obstacles), I can't really blame Anthony for the rigorous practices he's been putting us through this week. I know not everyone in the school is excited about our game, but I, for one, am really looking forward to it. Here's hoping for a Ravenclaw victory! And that this will serve as a morale booster in general.

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Warded from Death Eaters   
03:33pm 11/12/2005
mood: worried
Everything seems so quiet and sombre here on the train. Not that I'm complaining about the lack of fights and yelling that usually occur and are started by people like Sylvie Fawcett, its just a little odd on the whole. Bit awkward, too.

Part of me just wants to stay at home with my family. Things are really scary right now and I'm not sure what I'd do if anything were to happen to them. On the other hand, I know the best thing is to return to Hogwarts so I can continue my education and help defend them and myself better than I would just sitting in my Muggle world.

They're not completely unaware of what's going on, especially now that it seems like things are starting to affect more than just the wizarding world. How long can the Muggles, who have nothing to do with anything, stay out of this?

In fact, how long will 'this' last?

I guess we just have to make the best of it as we can, but God that's hard sometimes...

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04:34pm 04/12/2005
mood: blah
Happy Easter.

...Though I guess there's not much happy about it this year.

Still, I hope the day's as good for everyone as it can possibly be, anyway.

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Private and Warded to the DA   
10:48pm 28/11/2005
mood: helpless
Strongly hexed to members of Dumbledore's Army ONLYCollapse )

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09:36pm 19/11/2005
mood: cheerful
My magic's definitely fully back now and it's just utterly fantastic. Today for the first time, Madam Pomfrey cleared me to practise Quidditch again. I'm sure Anthony must be thrilled, and I know I'm certainly very happy about it. It's funny, when I tried out for the team last year, I really never did think I would get quite as attached to Quidditch as it turns out, but I really missed flying when I was sick.

Having to catch up in classes hasn't been quite as fun - I've really been working over time these past couple of days, but at least I did as much as I could while incapacitated, and so many people have been kind enough to help me! Thank you to everyone that has!

Maybe now that magic's back we can finally start to get a bit more organised on this charity design project, too.

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11:05pm 10/11/2005
mood: thrilled
I think I did some magic!

I was working on my Transfiguration for tomorrow and I've been practising the wand movements we've learnt in class while I was doing so, because even if it's not working, I want to have the proper movements down for when my magic does come back. And something just happened! Not what was supposed to...but something! Let me try again!

There, yay! I tried Accioing something over to myself, and that didn't work, but I managed to Wingardium Leviosa a piece of parchment! I did magic! I feel like such a first year again but I did magic!

This is so utterly exciting!

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10:35pm 27/10/2005
mood: kinda miserable, at that

I never realised how utterly helpless I would feel without magic. How adapted I've become to the life of a witch that without the powers that make me what I am...I feel like absolutely nothing.

It's certainly...well, something, to sit in on a Charms class when all you can do is take notes because you can't manage the Banishing Charms the healthy portion of your class is doing. Fortunately Muggle Studies isn't much affected by this illness, this...Squibbles. I should probably be fine in History of Magic tomorrow, too. So at least there are a few classes I shouldn't fall too far behind in, once I finish up all I missed last week.

Still, this is absolutely horrible. I really hope it doesn't last too much longer.

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