January 4th, 2006

annoyed, bugger off Perks

Warded from those mentioned in the article

Well. I'm just waiting for the explosion. Honestly, if the Sorting Hat was supposedly never wrong, I'd really have to wonder about her sometimes. Does she even think? Secret stimulant stash in Ballymena? Ravenclaw and Slytherin group love affairs? Tasmania? How does she even think up this stuff?

Alice says she saw Nora over at the Daily Prophet booth during the Career Fest. God help us all if they ever offered her a job. It's hard enough to find out the truth of what's going on in the wizarding world as it is already!

Does anyone in sixth or seven year remember if the crystal ball is actually on the Divination OWL or not? Though I don't even know why I'm bothering revising - it's not like I'm actually going to take the course next year.
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