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[Charity design team]

Right, as no one else has stepped up to the ball and Hermione suggested it...

I think maybe we should meet tomorrow evening and finally get organised. After Ravenclaw's Quidditch practice in the Charms classroom. Bring ideas, please. We really need to get on the ball for this.

[/Charity design team]


Has any more thought been what we discussed over the hols? I know for certain that Ravenclaw seems to be in a real funk right now, and maybe it would help people to feel like they're doing something, defending themselves.


Considering this is the first time this year we're actually going to be playing (barring any other unforeseen obstacles), I can't really blame Anthony for the rigorous practices he's been putting us through this week. I know not everyone in the school is excited about our game, but I, for one, am really looking forward to it. Here's hoping for a Ravenclaw victory! And that this will serve as a morale booster in general.

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