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I would just like to thank everyone that fought in the battle in Wales and saved all of our lives. I wish I could have helped, and I'm sorry I couldn't, but let it be known I'm eternally grateful.

[Charity Design Team]

Hi, right.

Headmistress McGonagall approached me while I was in lunch and trying to make sure I had my colour changing Charms down for the practical this afternoon and asked me if I thought it might be possible that, despite OWLs and despite having lost that week and a half, if we could still get the carnival ready for the last week of school after exams. As if trying to do my exams isn't enough pressure! I told her I'd check in with you and see what you thought. I know a good number of us are sitting important exams, but do you think we could manage it anyway? She thinks it would be the perfect time to have it amongst all the celebrating.

Well, I need to revise for DADA now that I'm done with today's exam, but I'll try to keep an eye on my journal.


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