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She turned me into a newt!

Stacey's study of sorcery

Stacey Fairchild
7 October
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This journal is now retired with the ending of magic_life, but a newer version of Stacey can be found here at magic_war. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi, My name's Stacey Marie Fairchild and I'm a fourth fifth year Ravenclaw at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm Muggle-born and I have one brother, Sam, who's thirteen fourteen and has no magical inclinations. I also have a highly eccentric owl, Georgia.

I'm pretty short, barely 5'1" and I have red hair and blue eyes. And I am not anorexic, thank you very much, despite what some extraordinarily annoying "counsellors" might think.

Likes: Ancient Runes!, languages, Monty Python, Shakespeare

Dislikes: stupidity of any kind, mushrooms (yuck!), people who misspell my name, Zack Usher

The classes I am taking this year are:
Transfiguration, Friday, 4th period, with Slytherin
Potions, Friday, 3rd period, with Gryffindor
History Of Magic, Friday, 1st period, with Gryffindor
Charms, Thursday, 1st period, with Gryffindor
Defence Against the Dark Arts, Tuesday, 1st period, with Gryffindor
Herbology, Monday, 2nd period, with Slytherin
Astronomy, Tuesday, 3rd period, with Hufflepuff
Ancient Runes (my absolute favourite life's passion), Tuesday, 4th period, with Slytherin
Muggle Studies (it's so interesting from the wizard point of view), Thursday, 4th period, with Hufflepuff
Divination (only because 'casting the runes' is one type of divination), Wednesday, 4th period, with Slytherin

Last Third year at the end of Christmas break, I came down with appendicitis and therefore missed two months of school. Fortunately, I've gotten all caught up since then (though I don't think Professor Snape ever forgave me).

i'm in ravenclaw!

((OOC: I'm not British and while I will attempt to use British spellings and words I will likely mess up so pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. I officially have no life, and so you can find a detailed bio/family history/personality assessment for Stacey here. Also. Don't own the Harry Potter universe (though Stacey Fairchild is my own creation) nor Natanya Ross. Thanks.))